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Full-Body Finback Whale by Wendy Lichtensteiger

Full-Body Finback Whale by Wendy Lichtensteiger


Full bodied sculpure of a finback whale.  Hand carved from Bass wood with multiple layers of milk painting creating a unique and folky surface. 

  • Wendy Lichtensteiger

    Continuing in the tradition of  Wick Ahrens and Clark Voorhees before him, Wendy is the latest and third generation of artists from Vermont carving these wonderful whales.

    After studying Studio Art at Arizona State University and moving back to the east coast to help open the Wooden Feather Folk Art Gallery, Wendy underwent a 5 year apprenticeship with her father Lance, himself a woodcarver of over 35 years.   Having honed her woodcarving skills on the Jersey shore, she has built a woodshop of her own in the wooded mountains of Vermont.

    In 2012, a friend and fellow carver Wick Ahrens called upon Wendy to assist him with his carving as his health began to fail.   Wick was renowned whale sculptor and the proprietor of The Whales in Vermont Gallery in Weston Vermont.  With 12 years of carving under her belt, Wendy quickly stepped up and aided Wick in the creation of his wall plaques and his one of a kind museum pieces.   After Wick’s retirement, Wendy took over his whale plaque carvings and continues to take special care to do right by both his business and the excellent reputation he amassed over many years of carving.

    Each piece is beautifully crafted from Basswood with multiple layers of milk paint to give the finished product a wonderful surface and personality.


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