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Vintage Nantucket Friendship Baskets

      The Nantucket friendship basket originated in 1948 by Jose Formoso Reyes.  These purses quickly grew to be one of the most recognizable forms of Nantucket Baskets, despite it being 100 years later than the original open baskets, The Nantucket lightship basket. 

These lidded baskets are ladies’ purses and crafted with hinged lids which display a central plaque, usually wood, allowing each basket to be uniquely adorned with a carved decorative embellishment. 

We bring to you a wide assortment of these highly sought after vintage, pre-owned Nantucket purses by the first generation of Nantucket artists as well as some select second generation artists.

Four Winds Craft Guild carries a revolving collection in our inventory. Please contact us for inquiries of current availability and pricing on Vintage and Antique baskets at

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