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Bill and Judy Sayle 

Bill and Judy Sayle’s work represents both past and present traditions found in Nantucket baskets of today.  The Sayle family has been involved in the ivory carving and basket arts since 1948 when Charles Sayle Sr. first started carving ivory figures for the tops of Friendship Purses by Jose Formoso Reyes, the originator of the Nantucket basket purse.  Beginning in 1973, Bill and Judy have been weaving baskets and carving ivory and whalebone in the traditional Nantucket style.  All aspects of each of their finished products are their own: from crafting the molds and weaving with the highest quality of materials to carving their own basket embellishments as well as more specialized whale boards and larger stand-alone pieces. The Sayle name is highly recognized within the decorative arts community of Nantucket and they are widely considered one of the top producers, making each of their one of a kind items a true collector’s piece.

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