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Steve Hazlett

One hundred year old Pine salvaged from out buildings and barns built during the 19th century from the upstate New York area along with antique copper, tin and iron are used in creating Steve Hazlett’s art. Buttermilk paint, which was widely used in early America after 1800, is the most accurate historical choice for completing his objects. Hazlett applies buttermilk paint in numerous layers and uses techniques to age the finish and cause discoloration and surface character.  This kind of character from the carving and the surface visually projects a sense of humor or statement depending on the piece and subject matter at hand.  Folk art in its truest sense is an expression of the common people depicting their life and beliefs. Folk art is never the product of art movements but comes out of craft traditions. Steve Hazlett carries on this folk craft tradition much like these artists did from the past.

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