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Pamela Dalton


Pamela Dalton’s Scherenschnitte have delighted collectors worldwide for almost twenty-five years. Her work is created in the tradition of early American paper cutting popular in Pennsylvania Dutch regions of this country in the early nineteeth century.

Dalton’s original designs are influenced by popular historical themes, patriotism, biblical and religious motifs and scenes from rural life.  Each piece is sketched freehand by the artist and then cut by hand from a single piece of paper. Pamela often frames these works in antique frames. 

Pamela Dalton is  based in the village of Harlemville, New York. She likes to say her town has more cows than people.
Her fascination with this folk craft was born while living in Denmark in 1977, surrounded by the works of Hans Christian Andersen.
Pamela’s work has served as illustrations for numerous books and is included in multiple museum collections.

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