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Katie Grover

Katie Grover loves to travel and loves Nantucket. Her parents came to
the island for their honeymoon and thus began a, now three
generation, love of the island and its history. Even as a kid, she
loved visiting the NHA properties. In her 20's she spent one winter
managing an island jewelry store, where a lifelong interest in jewelry
design was born.
Katie Graduated from Wellesley College with a BA in History and
Psychology. Spending her junior year in London, she developed a taste
for travel. She spent a decade working as a wealth advisor before
leaving finance and getting a Masters in Social Work. Despite being
the first woman in her firm to qualify as a member of the Chairman's
Club for high production levels, she was more drawn to helping people
and to social justice issues. She has served on the boards of many
women's social justice organizations including the Ms. Foundation for
Women, where she served as the board chair for 5 years. Throughout all
of these phases of her life (including parenting boy/girl twins),
Katie has developed a love of jewelry and an interest in jewelry
design. Wearing and designing her own pieces, friends often asked her
to make things for them. Partnering with an extraordinary goldsmith-
the Katie Grover Design Jewelry Collection was born. She is inspired
by the use of 24K gold in ancient jewelry, by the designs of
antiquity, and by historical elements from many parts of the world.

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